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We are a non-profit organization dedicated enhancing the lives of youth who reside in underserved communities. We are a service organization, and we educate for the purpose of empowering minds, one by one.

We encourage youth to get out and enjoy the great outdoors as well as learn about other cultures, explore nature, eat healthy, and be physically fit. We also create sustainability projects to teach our youth how to respect the environment and grow edible gardens.


Community Relations: We partner with other youth organizations that share our long-term sustainable practices of enhancing the lives of others.

Our History: Our family of community organizations have been working together to do what we know works:  Building healthy family structures, overcoming emotional pain and delivering services to the underserved and having fun at it. We are committed.

We actively support others: We celebrate, collaborate and participate in the successes of other community-based organizations. 

Physically Fit: We also run an award winning, competitive double dutch team. 

Meet The Team

Rjo Winch.jpeg

rJo Winch

Executive Director

rJo is a 24-year retired Air Force Master Sergeant with 13 years of Elected Official service.  She has spent her entire career in Human Services and Workforce Development.

london 2023.jpg

London Lawson
Board President


London is an award winning double dutch jumper. She has been in and around the ropes since she was 3. She is a leader that respects the desires of her team members. These attributes is why she is our Board Chair and President.


Shaquasia Goldsby

Executive Assistant

Shaquasia is the member you can count on when it counts. She is here to ensure everything we do benefits our youth.  


Victor Luna

Vice Treasurer

Victor Luna is the owner of Luna Productions and Founder of His commitment to spreading the word about other cultures streams from Connecticut to Florida.

JStan McCauley_edited.jpg

JStan McCauley

Communications & Media Relations Manager

JStan McCauley is the owner and director of, a grassroots television network. His experience in this field is sought after by many. 


Da'Sharia Gaynor


Youth Program Director

Double Dutch Coach

Da'Sharia is a Girl Scout Troop 10036, Cadet and an AAU Jump Rope Gold  Medalist. She keeps the program moving. 

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