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We service youth in underserved populations 

Each event is geared toward changing the lives of those we touch as well as breaking down barriers and and working through failing systems.

Donate today.

Your giving will help us continue changing lives in underserved communities.

We focus on life long learning. Every lesson is geared towards changing the lives we touch, while having fun and getting physically fit.

Welcome to the Rich Dae Entrepreneur Foundation 

Where we are changing lives One by One

Nothing is impossible when we do it together. This organization was created to honor the lives of Richard Holloway, Jr. and DaShaun Lawson who both lost their lives to gun violence when they were in the 20's. They were both loving fathers and givers to their communities. It is with that spirit we give back to children, young adults and elderly living in underserved communities. 

May they forever live in our hearts as we give to others

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